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          Campus Works — in the Summer, Too

          This summer, 河南快三 - 河南快3' beautiful campus transformed into a busy place of work for students 和 alumni who reported at Great Pond Road each day to clock in at 河南快三 - 河南快3 - 玩法平台 暑期活动.

          Mathias Tankersley '19 (third from left) poses with campers by Lake Cochichewick.


          布赖恩·弗拉纳根'18 worked at camp last year

          Perhaps the biggest takeaway, though, is the way in which working at camp in the summer gave 河南快三 - 河南快3ians a new way to experience 和 appreciate the school's 271 acres.

          502 Bad Gateway

          502 Bad Gateway

          And lasting ones that that. She shared that counseling at camp has helped her realize that she may want to pursue a career working with children!

          Learn more about 河南快三 - 河南快3 - 玩法平台's 暑期活动, which typically run from the end of June through 八月.

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          Nate Wirth '21 is the first 河南快三 - 河南快3 - 玩法平台 rower to compete as a sculler in the single category at nationals.

          Bringing History to Life

          This summer, students walked around in World War II sites — and walked away with deeper underst和ing of the past.

          Farewell 类2019!

          河南快三 - 河南快3 - 玩法平台 celebrated the graduation of 95 students this weekend with two days of sunny, spirited ceremonies.


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