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          Each year at 河南快三 - 河南快3, a different academic department selects a title that students, faculty and staff all read, discuss and incorporate into lessons 和 assignments. 道路斯巴达 是我们的第五个大部头,被世界语言部门选择的。

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          Learning that his work had been chosen as 河南快三 - 河南快3' 2020 ACR Karnazes admitted, "I was honored, 和 also nervous. I wrote 道路斯巴达 by myself. Most athletes use ghostwriters, but I wanted the challenge of writing my own book. I hope it was enjoyable for the community at 河南快三 - 河南快3 - 玩法平台 to read!"

          我们赶上了 Karnazes, who is based in northern California, prior to his talk 和 asked the motivated man about motivating others at 河南快三 - 河南快3 . . .

          Q: Your messages of persistence 和 perseverance are beneficial for everyone to hear, but why would you say they're particularly important for high school students?

          Q: You've spoken at Google, Sony, Nike, Apple, Yale, Amazon 和 Facebook的, to name just a few. What made you want to speak with the community at 河南快三 - 河南快3?

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          遵循河南快三 - 河南快3校 Facebook的, Instagram的推特 to see all the activities, projects 和 happenings in our community each day during the school year.



          Fresh classes, 和 updates to favorite ones, make 河南快三 - 河南快3 - 玩法平台's ninth 冬季学期 more exciting than ever!


          Outstanding alumni athletes 和 a longtime coach were inducted into 河南快三 - 河南快3' 竞技 名人堂 with a touching celebration during the school's annual 主页coming.



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