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          Music to Their Ears

          With end-of-year performances cancelled, one Sidwell Friends senior found a way for students to showcase their talents while helping others.

          A Walk to Remember

          How Sidwell Friends 5th graders used a "Water Walk" to build their understanding of life without clean water.

          A Silent Chain of Unity

          More than 1,100 faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and friends expressed anger, grief, unity, and a need for social justice in the form of a silent protest.

          Dismayed and grieving citizens are protesting the heinous murders of George Floyd, Amaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor in the District and around the nation, shaking us from our pandemic-focused stupor and reintroducing us to our nightmarish history of committing violence against people of color, a history that our nation and many of its historians have sought to bury under the notion of American exceptionalism.

          Hungry to Help

          Two Lower School students serve others through making sandwiches.

          Keeping a Steady Beat

          Lower School music teacher Matthew Stensrud creates ways to ensure his students can keep making music.

          Response to COVID-19 and Distance Learning Plan

          Sidwell Friends School has been continually monitoring the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). After thoughtful deliberation, the School has decided to proactively transition to the Distance Learning Plan (DLP), effective Monday, March 16.

          The student performers of the Upper School Dance Ensemble performed on February 6 for their family, friends, and classmates. We are proud of their talent, dedication, and the community that supports them.

          2020 EJC Day at the Upper School

          The Upper School EJC Day on January 31 featured keynote speaker Natalie Randolph '98, director of Equity Justice, and Community. The day featured wellness activities to promote mental health and student-led workshops to explore identity.

          Girls' Basketball Beats Maret School 71-50

          On Tues., Jan. 21, a supportive crowd cheered on the Sidwell Friends girls' basketball team in a decisive victory against Maret. During the game, Kiki Rice ’22 (holding plaque) scored her 1,000th point in her Sidwell Friends career. Congratulations to the team and Kiki, and thank you to all who turned out to cheer on the Quakers. 

          Upper School 艺术 On Display in the Daryl Reich Rubenstein Gallery

          The Upper School 艺术 Show launched on December 13 with a reception in the Rubenstein Gallery. Visitors were able to see the work of our talented students in photography, ceramics, drawing, and more.For more pictures of the event and the pieces on display, visit our SmugMug . The show will be on display through February.

          Middle School Choirs Perform

          On Wednesday, December 4, all of the Middle School choirs joined to perform their winter concert; they reprised their performance for their peers at assembly on Friday, December 6. To see a schedule of upcoming artistic performances and presentations, click 这里.

          Middle School Play Brings a True Story to the Stage

          On November 8-9 Middle School actors performed "Orphan Trains," the true story of the Orphan Trains Project, which from 1853-1929 joined immigrant orphans from New York City with adoptive parents throughout America. Congratulations to all who performed and supported this moving and timely play.

          The Lower School Halloween Parade

          Astronauts, witches, and many, many Nationals players came together for the annual Lower School Halloween parade. The fun had to move indoors because of rain, but all of the students' dispositions remained sunny.

          Good Luck, Athletes!

          It's tournament time, and the Quakers are ready. Congratulations to the boys' cross country team for clinching the MAC championship yesterday! The girls' and boys' cross country, girls' and boys' soccer (pictured), volleyball and field hockey teams will continue to compete through early November (Photo by Susie Schaeffer). Go Quakers!

          For Middle School Tours, Students Make the Best Teachers

          Eighth-grade tour guides are experts on the green technologies found throughout the Middle School. Reclaimed wine barrels, big windows, and the "Tanks of Doom" are all part of an ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship.

          A Fox Named Star, Next-to-New, and Homecoming Recap

          Well hello t这里, Star! Homecoming was an incredible weekend of food, fans, and a funny fox named Star. We welcomed alumni, families, friends, and shoppers alike. Congratulations to the six strong varsity athletic teams who competed and the incredible Next-to-New volunteer crew.

          Photo of the Week: One-Acts Festival Ends TODAY

          Students perform "The Land of Cockaigneby David Ives during the Upper School One-Acts Festival this weekend. The three-scene play depicts one summer birthday party from three different perspectives. You can see the last two performances this playas well as "English Made Simpleby David Ives and "Proof" by David Auburn, today at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m.; click 这里 for tickets (or visit www.skillsinscreencastsandpodcasts.com/boxoffice). Note: Due to language and subject matter, the performances may not be suitable for all ages.

          Photo of the Week

          Middle Schoolers joined millions of people from across the globe in a student strike demanding action on climate change. The students, who gave up their 30-minute break to participate in the student-led protest, received honks of support from drivers on Wisconsin Avenue. Look for a longer story next week.

          Lower School students and staff show that they are always Quaker Strong!

          Lower School students and staff are always Quaker Strong!

          Designing the Future

          Faculty and staff started the school year by helping design a new campus.


          Luca White blows his mom a kiss and says “byeeee!” before speeding off. That’s a pretty typical thing for a two-year-old to do, but for Luca and the Sidwell Summer GoBabyGo! community service camp, it’s something special.


          Sidwell Social

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